SFU Soccer Photography

*These are a sample of my sports photography ability. They were taken on October 1, 2015 during a SFU women’s and men’s soccer doubleheader at Terry Fox Field. Several of them have appeared in The Peak newspaper amongst other sports photography that I have done.*

Warmup3 Warmup2 Warmup1 Throwin2 Throwin1 SMU2 SMU1 Sidelines3 Sidelines2 Sidelines1 Referee3 Referee2 Referee1 Number29 Number24 Number23_3 Number23_2 Number23 Number20_2 Number20 Number19 Number15_8 Number15_7 Number15_6 Number15_5 Number15_4 Number15_3 Number15_2 Number15 Number13 Number6_Man_2 Number6_Man Number6 Number4 NoGoal MSUB2 MSUB1 LorneDavies1 Injury2 Injury1 Huddle2 Huddle1 Headers2 Headers1 Handshake3 Handshake2 Handshake1 GoalieSave1 Goalie2 Goalie1 GameOver2 GameOver1 Frustration2 Frustration1 FreeKick1 Deke1 Cross1 Crazy CoolBalls CoolBall Coach1 Celebration3 Celebration2 Celebration1 Cedric1 Bicycle1 Banner1 BallGirl1 Austin1 Art1 Aguiar1 Action8 Action7 Action6 Action5 Action4 action3 Action2 Action1

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