The Tartan: SFU’s Student Magazine

In April 2015, I founded a new bi-annual magazine at Simon Fraser University under the umbrella of the Peak Publications Society called “The Tartan”. I was subsequently elected the Managing Editor of the magazine and was in charge of producing the first two issues with a team of three other students. The focus of the magazine was on long form non-fiction feature articles and creative fiction writing (short stories, poetry, etc.), two areas that were at the time not supported by the student newspaper. The idea was to give creative SFU students a platform to showcase their work beyond what would appropriately fit in a weekly student newspaper.

The first issue was 68-pages long and was published in September 2015 as a special SFU 50th Anniversary spectacular. It was very well received by students and alumni alike.

The second issue was 80-pages long and was published in January 2016. It once again received very positive reviews from the campus community.

An online version featuring every article from both issues can be found here.

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