Past Simple [Subject + Past Simple Form]

Orientation weekend was a lot of fun.

It’s hard to be too introspective or share deep thoughts using the past simple tense. Past simple is used to describe completed actions in the past, usually linked to a specific point in time

I don’t think it’s a tense that I use regularly. I seem to prefer to use the present simple or using the present continuous (see?). I guess it’s because I’m a pretty sentimental person. When I find myself in an enjoyable situation, I never want it to end and I’ll always look back on it hoping that it will come back again.

I even feel a little upset after getting out of a traffic jam and going my separate way from the car that I was stuck behind for an hour.

But it’s probably healthy for me to think of some memories in the past simple. Just accept that something was a great experience and helped me grow, but it happened and now it’s over. Plain and simple.

That’s the attitude I need for this past orientation weekend, so that I can focus on my course. Today was the first day of classes and I can tell that I’ll be very busy for the next month. So, let me just use this one opportunity to remember my introduction to Prague.

The highlight of Saturday was a walking history tour of the city which ended at a really cool pub that has been around since 1375 called U krále Brabantského. Apparently, famous past guests have included everyone from Mozart to Einstein.

I had a duck meal with some delicious dumplings and a couple of Pilsner beers. Our table was way down in the basement where the walls and ceiling are lined with skulls. For entertainment, there were a few dancers who performed progressively more dangerous routines, starting with ribbons, advancing to swordplay and fire torches, and ending the night with a firebreather.

On Sunday, our orientation ended with beer tasting at a place called the Beer Museum. It was very different to what we have at home. Instead of small samplers, they were full glasses that came fast and furious. Our table of four was also given five of each, so needless to say a good time was had by all.

So far, I’ve met a lot of really nice and interesting people from across the United States (and a couple from Canada, Hong Kong and the UK as well).

I’m pretty tired now though, so time to put the past simple (and myself) to bed. What’s done is done, and I’m excited for the next chapter.

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